Judging Books by Their Titles

Today while shelving books at the library, two titles caught my attention for opposite reasons.

The first, How to Get Your Dream Job Using the Internet: The Only Book That Takes You Straight to Thousands of Jobs Worldwide!, made me laugh and think of Homer Simpson. This book is 350 pages long, surely someone who wants to make money off/through the internet isn’t going to have the attention span to read such a long book. Incidentally it is selling for $0.01 on Amazon if anyone is interested.

The second book however, The Anthropologists’ Cookbook, sounded so interesting that I borrowed it. It is an edited work comprised of leading anthropologists detailing recipes from the regions where they have worked. The only problem is that most of the recipes take a very long time to prepare and with ingredients that aren’t readily available at Coles. Although “corrupted” versions of the recipes are given. There are even instructions on how to make Earth Ovens for roasting dogs. This is selling for $50.00 on Amazon.

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