Let your yes be yes and your no be no…

Ok, on thinking about this whole blog situation. I thought that I would not move to wordpress, that the grass wasn’t necessarily greener and that I wouldn’t necessarily blog more profoundly just because I have a sweet template. Having said that I decided I would change the template and name of this blog. Starting something new out of the old.

This new start also coincides with another couple of news.

From the 4th -8th December I was in Hobart for the Australasian Society for Continental Philosophy Conference. It was my first time in Hobart (and Tasmania) and also the first time that I presented at a philosophy conference. On the whole both were very pleasant first time experiences. Here are some photos of parks that I went to on the first day.

I also ripped my pants at a wedding on the weekend. Eve was very keen to take this picture and laughed a lot. I don’t think she would be so keen to know that it is now on the internet.


  1. The title of the paper was ‘Participation in Play: Gadamer’s Placement of Understanding in Participatory Dialogue’.The paper defend Hans-Georg Gadamer’s hermeneutics from the attack of relativism on the one side and conservatism on the other. The basic argument was that relativism and conservatism cancel each other out and that by entering into a dialogue with the text the interpreter can listen to what the text has to say in the interpreter’s present situation.


  2. Drew: Thanks, I think it suits.Byron: If you go into the templates section and then I think there is a customize link, if you go there I think you can alter the layout including adding a header image. You will need to crop the image first, I the rough measurements are: 690 pixels across and 215 down.


  3. Yes, the blogger approach is not as simple as wordpress. With the latter the image is uploaded and then you can crop it to fit within wordpress.In blogger it just plonks the image in there regardless of whether it fits in the space.I suspect that it is too large, but I know little about this stuff, it took me months to work out how to do links.


  4. wow haven’t checked out all the blogs in a while-wow things are a changin…i nearly went to wordpress too. but then got addicted to the ugliness of facebook.i like the more gender inclusive title of your blog…like the new look too- maybe i should re-veamp too.ps nice pants shot- sya hi to eve from me


  5. <>i like the more gender inclusive title of your blog…<>Yes I always felt a little strange about that. But it was Camus, not me. I also new someone from my old church who was doing a Phd on blogs, when I told him my title and the context from which it came he thought I was being arrogant, I thought I was being ironic, so did everyone else…right?Yes, facebook lured me away for awhile but I am coming back to the less superficial of Internet communication.Eve says hi back.


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