The obscene underside of the war on terror…

The obscene underside of the war on terror is the refugee who sutures his lips and eyelids to mark his abjection, the child in the Woomera detention center whose response to the trauma of her incarceration is to repeat, “Don’t touch me I’m dead,” the Mexican migrant whose death in the desert constitutes a strategy of “deterrence” that is necessary to prevent others from attempting the crossing, the SUV driver whose realization of “the American dream” is fueled by the persistence of war and its pervasive economy of death.

Elizabeth Dauphinee and Cristina Masters ‘Introduction: Living, Dying, Surviving I’, from The Logics of Biopower and the War on Terror.


  1. Hi Chris
    A few things:
    Keep posting the Nietszche aphorisms — they’re much appreciated.

    Second, I’m being a parasite by asking (in that I haven’t followed ‘Obaman’ politics, so I am unable to form my own opinion); but, how would you rate Obama’s performance so far? Are the Christian or the humanist forces prevailing? And, in which areas?

    Finally, has your email address changed over the last eighteen months? I’d like to email you.


  2. Hi Chris,

    Thanks for the excuse for more Nietzshce, I just picked up Genealogy of Morals yesterday to re-read.

    On Obama I will have to get back to you. I need to think through that in more detail. I must say I haven’t been keeping up with the Obama’s in huge detail; other than a glance at the Huffington Post which has its agenda, but it comes close to mine which is convenient.

    Yes same email address as before (I think) just in case, you can get me at (I notice other people spell their email addresses out, I think they do it to avoid spam, but I am not sure – I guess I will know soon enough)

    Hope all is well with you and yours.



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