Resisting power is easy, I do it all the time.

It is not uncommon to hear people moan about the intractable bind that Foucault’s social ontology places the subject (see Žižek, Habmeras, or most people who have heard something about Foucault through youtube or a mothballed professor). “The subject is wholly produced by power”, they say. “And any resistance the subject can muster is also produced by power”, they cry.   I just don’t think these folks are trying hard enough, either to understand Foucault or to resist.

How light power would be, and easy to dismantle no doubt, if all it did was to observe, spy, detect, prohibit, and punish; but it incites, provokes, produces. It is not simply eye and ear: it makes people act and speak. Foucault, M. (2000). Lives of Infamous Men. Power J. D. Faubion. London, Penguin. 3: 172

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