Let your yes be yes and your no be no…

Ok, on thinking about this whole blog situation. I thought that I would not move to wordpress, that the grass wasn’t necessarily greener and that I wouldn’t necessarily blog more profoundly just because I have a sweet template. Having said that I decided I would change the template and name of this blog. Starting something new out of the old.

This new start also coincides with another couple of news.

From the 4th -8th December I was in Hobart for the Australasian Society for Continental Philosophy Conference. It was my first time in Hobart (and Tasmania) and also the first time that I presented at a philosophy conference. On the whole both were very pleasant first time experiences. Here are some photos of parks that I went to on the first day.

I also ripped my pants at a wedding on the weekend. Eve was very keen to take this picture and laughed a lot. I don’t think she would be so keen to know that it is now on the internet.