Tree of Life: An instant classic in every way that Inception was not

A mix of Job, Romans, Nietzsche and 2001: A Space Odyssey. Not a lot of dialogue. Quite a number of people walked out.

As suggested by the opening quote, Job is the interpretive key. Like Job this is more prayer than narrative, more poetry than theology, and raises more questions than answers.

Not quite sure what to make of it all; still digesting. I would love to watch it again…soon.

The Evil Hour

332 – The Gay Science

The evil hour. – Every philosopher has probably had an evil hour when he thought: What do I matter if people don’t accept my bad arguments, too? And then some malicious little bird flew over him and chirped: ‘What do you matter? What do you matter?’ – Nietzsche

I am trying to finsih a draft of my final chapter. The evil hour has come. However I am not concerned about whether or not people accept my bad arguments, but whether I can make(up) my bad arguments.